The Pixar font is a sans serif font designed by Pixar Animation Studios in 1995. It is a modern, geometric typeface with a strong, bold appearance. The font is used extensively in all of Pixar's movies, including Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, and Brave. It is also used for the company logo.

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The Pixar font is a sans serif font designed by Pixar Animation Studios in 1995. It is a modern, geometric typeface with a strong, bold appearance. The font is used extensively in all of Pixar’s movies, including Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up, and Brave. It is also used for the company logo.

The Pixar font is popular for its strong, bold letterforms and its distinct style. It is often used to evoke a sense of fun and playfulness, which is fitting for Pixar’s films. It is also often used to create a strong, modern, and professional look. The font is widely recognized and has become an important part of Pixar’s brand identity. It is one of the most recognizable fonts in the world and has been copied and used by other companies for their own branding.

 Pixar Font

Font Information

DesignerPixar Animation Studios
FoundryPixar Animation Studios
File FormatOTF, TTF
Date Released1995
LicenseProprietary, commercial
Use casesMovie titles, company logo, branding, display

1. Sans Serif Fonts – Sans Serif fonts are a category of fonts that do not possess serifs or small strokes at the end of each letter. Pixar font is often of this type as sans serif fonts are considered sleek and modern.

2. Console Fonts – Console fonts are typefaces that often appear in gaming or movie titles. Although not every Pixar font is a console font, some feature console-like shapes or elements.

3. Proportional Fonts – Proportional fonts are fonts whose letter and character widths differ depending on the width of the character itself, making them quite great for reading and viewing in graphic design. Pixar font often takes advantage of proportional fonts.

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4. Digital Fonts – Generally, digital fonts are fonts created and designed on a computer. The advantage of digital fonts is that they can appear more refined and complex than traditional hand-drawn typefaces, which are much more delicate. Pixar font fits into a digital font category.

5.Script Fonts – Script Fonts are a type of font that feature a similar style of handwriting – Soft, soft lines and flowy curves. Some genres, like Pixar font, feature hybrid Script and Sans Serif or Script and Console fonts, making them quite unique from other typefaces.

6.Display Fonts – Display fonts are, as the name suggests, fonts created for display. This means, unlike the majority of digital fonts whose purpose is to fit legible text into small spaces, display fonts are usually created in larger sizes and with more elaborate details. This can make them stand out more.

7. Typefaces – Generally, typefaces refer to a family of fonts. In the case of Pixar font, it can refer to the entire family of fonts that Pixar has made over the years.

Use Cases of pixar font

• Use Pixar Font in headlines or slogans for a storybook, children’s book, or movie script.
• Utilize Pixar Font in a song or poem title.
• Employ Pixar Font to create a unique logo for a children’s organization.

• Embellish magazine covers, book jackets, and other publications with Pixar Font.
• Incorporate Pixar Font into book titles, chapter names, and page headers.

• Feature Pixar Font in website navigation menus, links, and buttons.
• Add Pixar Font for the titles of blog posts, articles, and other web content.

Logos, Designs, and T-Shirts:
• Utilize Pixar Font to create a logo for a child-oriented business or product.
• Incorporate Pixar Font into designs for t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.


1. Curved: The Pixar font has curved edges which add a sense of motion and energy to its design.

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2. Bold: The font is bold, which makes it stand out and gives it an authoritative feel.

3. Playful: The font has a playful and whimsical feel, which is reflective of the company’s animated films.

4. Distinctive: The font is distinctive and memorable, making it easy to recognize.

5. Clean: The font is clean and modern, which gives it a timeless appeal.

Character Map

 Pixar Font


Pixar Font is a unique typeface created by Pixar Studios for use in their movie titles and logos. It has a fun, playful, and whimsical feel to it, which makes it stand out from other fonts. The font is based on the Pixar logo and features curved edges, sharp angles, and subtle curves. Pixar Font has a strong visual presence and can be used in a variety of contexts. It is a great choice for titles, logos, and other creative design projects.Compared to other fonts, Pixar Font has a unique style that is instantly recognizable. It is highly legible and can be used for both large and small text. The font also has a strong visual presence and can be easily customized to fit the project’s needs. It is also versatile enough to work with various color palettes and layouts. The font has a light, airy feel to it which makes it great for creating lighthearted designs. All in all, Pixar Font is a great choice for creating fun and unique designs.

Alternative Fonts

1. Futura
2. Arial
3. Roboto
4. Montserrat
5. Open Sans

Tips & Tricks

1. When using the Pixar Font, make sure to always use the correct version, usually the “Pixar Regular†version.

2. To create the classic look of the Pixar Font, pair it with an all-caps sans-serif font like Helvetica.

3. Make sure to keep the line-height and letter-spacing consistent when using the Pixar font.

4. To achieve the classic Pixar look, use bold and italicized versions of the font.

5. For larger text, consider increasing the size of the font to make it easier to read.

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6. When using the Pixar Font, make sure to follow the trademark guidelines set forth by Disney.

7. Consider using the Pixar Font in a creative way, like using it to create movie posters or logos.

8. If you’re creating a logo, consider using the Pixar Font to create the company name and

Supported Languages

 Pixar Font

• English
• Spanish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Dutch
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Japanese
• Chinese
• Korean
• Swedish
• Danish
• Polish
• Arabic
• Hebrew
• Thai
• Greek
• Czech
• Turkish
• Hungarian


Q1: What is the name of the Pixar font?
A1: The Pixar font is called PIXARUNI.

Q2: Where can I download the Pixar font?
A2: The Pixar font can be downloaded from the Pixar website or from various font websites.

Q3: Is the Pixar font free to use?
A3: Yes, the Pixar font is free for both personal and commercial use.

Q4: How can I use the Pixar font?
A4: The Pixar font can be used for logos, titles, advertising, and other design projects.

Q5: Is the Pixar font easy to read?
A5: Yes, the Pixar font is designed to be easy to read and is highly legible.

Q6: Is the Pixar font available in multiple languages?
A6: Yes, the Pixar font is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese.

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