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Complete Guide to Choosing Men’s Toupees

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Hair loss can be distressing and emotionally taxing. The good news is that men’s toupees are making it easier than ever for men who are experiencing hair loss to enjoy having beautiful and natural-looking hair again. The challenge of hiding thinning regions of your scalp can feel intimidating and embarrassing at times.

Now that there are so many different materials available, from mono systems to thin skin and lace, choosing the ideal men’s hair system for your specific needs is not difficult. We’ll go into great detail about each of these hair systems in this blog post so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Lordhair provides the best men’s toupee that offers you a natural look.

Let’s Explore the Types of Hair System

Lace Hair System

Lace hair systems are popular because they can produce an undetected and natural-looking hairline. The foundation of these systems is comprised of fine lace material, which provides excellent ventilation and a lightweight feel. Here are the benefits of lace hair systems.

  • Creates a realistic, invisible hairline
  • Provides breathability while keeping the scalp cool
  • Versatile in terms of styling choices.

However, because of the fragile nature of the lace material, lace hair systems may necessitate more sensitive handling. They may also require more frequent repairs and upkeep.

Premium Champion Lace Hairpiece from Lordhair

The ever-popular complete French lace hairpiece for men provides a natural look. The Champion is airy and lightweight, making it one of our most comfortable hairpieces for men.

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Thin Skin Hair System

Thin skin hairpieces are well known for being long-lasting and natural-looking. A thin coating of polyurethane, resembling the color and texture of the scalp, is present in these systems. Thin skin hair systems have advantages such as:

  • Realistic appearance and texture, offering an invisible hairline
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • It can be styled according to the style, color, and density of hair.

It’s important to remember that thin skin hair systems might not be as breathable as other solutions and that wear and tear may force them to need replacement more frequently.

Quanta Thin Skin Hairpieces from Lordhair

The Quanta toupee has thin skin on the back and sides for easy attachment, durability, and maintenance

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Mono Hair System

Mono hair systems are meant to provide maximum comfort and breathability. They have a monofilament base, which is a fine material that helps the scalp to breathe while creating natural-looking hair. Here are the benefits of mono hair systems.

  • Gives an overall youthful look, particularly in the crown area
  • Highly breathable, ideal for people with sensitive scalps
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods.

However, they may not be as durable as thin skin or lace systems. The mono base may also be more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Mono Hairpieces for You

High-quality fine mono hairpieces with lace fronts and ultra-thin skin bases. It is not only a sturdy design, but it also provides an imperceptible front hairline.

Men’s Toupees

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Men’s Toupee


First and foremost, assess your budget. Once you know your budget, you can filter down your options. However, as is typical in the hair industry, stock hairpieces are less expensive than custom units. If you have a little more money to invest, we highly recommend the latter because it allows for more customization, resulting in a less artificial look.

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Consider your lifestyle, what you want from your toupee, and how you intend to wear it. How much coverage do you require? Perhaps you require a full-size hair restoration or perhaps something smaller to conceal a bald spot. Consider how long you intend to wear a toupee at one time. Some men prefer to take it off every night, while others do it every 2-4 weeks. This will help you select the base material.


When getting a hair system for yourself, you should have a firm sense of what size you want. You’ll need to use a tape measure to determine the circumference of your head. Start with the front of your hairline and extend the tape behind your ear to the back of your neck. Then, wrap it around your head, behind your other ear, until it reaches the beginning place at the front of your hairline. This dimension will tell you what base size you require. The base sizes for stock units range from 7″ x 9″ to 8″ x 10″. The larger size is the most common because it may be cut down to a smaller size if necessary.

Appropriate Density

Selecting a wig color and density that closely resembles your present or most recent hairdo will ease the transition to wearing a wig. Also, make an effort to select an age-appropriate item. It doesn’t make sense to choose a high-density toupee similar to your younger teenage self if you’re a “mature” hair wearer. Instead, you may choose a color with a percentage of gray and less density in the frontal hairline. After all, the whole point of the game is to hide your balding head as best you can without anyone noticing.

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Keep in Mind

With the information at your disposal, you may choose the men’s hair system replacement that will help you feel and look your best. However, be sure to go back and check every aspect before placing your order! We don’t want you to be unhappy with your hairpiece upon receiving it and realizing that you placed the wrong purchase. As an added precaution, you can purchase the best toupee from Lordhair.

Bottom Line

A men’s hair system could be the best choice if you want to restore some of your confidence using a different approach. A men’s hair system enhances the aesthetic worth of your entire appearance in addition to restoring an appealing appearance. Start your toupee journey with Lordhair today!

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