How to Add Fonts to Illustrator: A Comprehensive GuideHow to Add Fonts to Illustrator

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Having a wide variety of typefaces to pick from may add excitement to your creative efforts while using Adobe Illustrator. Even though Illustrator currently includes a few typefaces, you could wish to employ particular fonts that aren’t offered. Here is how to go about it: Download the desired font if you’re using a Windows computer, then either right-click to install it or place it in a specified folder. Simply download the font for Mac users, then double-click it to install. Following that, you’ll discover these new typefaces available for usage in Adobe Illustrator, providing you additional creative possibilities to work with.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Add Fonts to Illustrator
  3. Pros and Cons of Using Non-Adobe Fonts
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion

How to Add Fonts to Illustrator

·        Download Fonts:

The font files must be downloaded and available on your computer before you may add a new typeface to Adobe Illustrator. Numerous trustworthy websites provide a huge selection of typefaces, both free and expensive. Here are a few well-liked sites to think about:

·         Use Google Fonts

You may quickly download and use a wide variety of free web fonts from Google Fonts in your creative projects. Browse the font selections in the library, then download them to your PC.

·         Adobe Fonts:

A large collection of premium typefaces are available through the font subscription service known as Adobe typefaces (formerly Typekit). You may sync and utilise Adobe Fonts if you have a membership to Adobe Creative Cloud.

·         Font Squirrel:

A company called Font Squirrel provides a huge selection of both free and paid typefaces. To assure quality and legality, they carefully select typefaces from a variety of sources.

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·         DaFont:

A large selection of free typefaces may be found on the well-known website DaFont, frequently provided by different designers. Be remember to review each font’s usage rights before downloading.

·         Behance:

Creative professionals may promote their work on Behance. On their Behance accounts, several designers provide links for downloading their typefaces for free.

Installing and Downloading Fonts:

Search and Select:

Browse the font selection by going to the desired font source. Once you’ve located fonts that are appropriate for your project, download them.

Browse the font selection by going to the desired font source. Once you've located fonts that are appropriate for your project, download them.

Extract Font Files:

 The fonts may be downloaded in a compressed (ZIP) format. To save the font files to your PC, extract them.

The fonts may be downloaded in a compressed (ZIP) format. To save the font files to your PC, extract them.


The process for installing a typeface is different for each operating system (Windows or Mac). For comprehensive information on how to install fonts on your individual operating system, go to the earlier stages listed in this tutorial.

The process for installing a typeface is different for each operating system (Windows or Mac). For comprehensive information on how to install fonts on your individual operating system, go to the earlier stages listed in this tutorial.

Windows font installation:

In Windows, there are quite a few simple ways to adding fonts to Adobe Illustrator. Here is how to go about it:

Font Book Method:

1.      Search for Font Book:

  • By pounding the Windows sign in the bottom left side of your screen, you may access the Start menu.
  • Find “Font Book” by typing it into the search box.

2.      To add fonts, open the font book.

  • From the search results, launch the Font Book programme.
  • Go to “File” in the Font Book menu and choose “Add Fonts” (or press Ctrl + O to quickly do this).
  • Click the “Install” button after finding and selecting the extracted font files.

3.      Launch Illustrator again:

  • Close and restart Adobe Illustrator if it was open throughout the font installation process to make sure the new fonts are recognised.
Launch Illustrator again:

Drag-and-Drop Method:

1.      Open File Explorer:

Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

2.      Navigate to Fonts Folder:

In File Explorer, navigate to “C:\Windows\Fonts.”

3.      Drag and Drop Fonts:

From the location where you’ve extracted the font files, select the font files.

Drag and drop the selected font files directly into the Fonts folder. This will automatically install the fonts.

4.      Restart Illustrator:

If Adobe Illustrator was open during font installation, close and restart the application to ensure the new fonts are recognized.

How to Use New Fonts in Illustrator

1.      launching Adobe Illustrator

Your Windows machine should launch Adobe Illustrator.

2.      New Document Creation:

To access the font selections, open a fresh or current document.

3.      Choose Fonts:

  • There is a font dropdown option in the Character panel or Control panel at the top.
  • Scroll through the list of available typefaces by selecting the menu. This list should now include the recently installed fonts.

Adding Fonts on Mac:

When you want to incorporate new fonts into Adobe Illustrator on a Mac, you can follow these steps:

Download Fonts:

1.      Download the Fonts:

Obtain the desired fonts from reputable sources. They usually come in compressed formats like ZIP. Extract the downloaded files to a location on your Mac.

Install Fonts:

1.      Open Font Book:

  • Launch the Font Book application on your Mac. You can find it in the “Applications” folder or use the Spotlight search.
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2.      Add Fonts:

  • In Font Book, navigate to “File” and select “Add Fonts” (or use the shortcut Shift + Command + O).

3.      Select and Install:

  • Find and select the extracted font files you want to install. Click “Open” to initiate the installation process.

Drag-and-Drop Method:

1.      Open Finder:

  • Access Finder by clicking the Finder icon in your Dock or using the Spotlight search.

2.      Navigate to Font Book:

  • In Finder, go to “Applications” and then select “Font Book.”

3.      Add Fonts:

  • In Font Book, go to “File” and select “Add Fonts” (or use the shortcut Shift + Command + O).

4.      Drag and Drop:

  • From the location where you extracted the font files, select them.
  • Drag and drop the selected font files directly into the Font Book window. This will begin the font installation.

Accessing New Fonts in Illustrator:

1.     Open Adobe Illustrator:

Launch Adobe Illustrator on your Mac.

2.     Create a New Document:

Open a new or existing document in Illustrator.

3.     Select Fonts:

In the Character panel or the Control panel at the top, find the font dropdown menu.

Click on the menu and browse through the list of available fonts. Your newly installed fonts should now be visible in this list.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

  • To prevent any security concerns or compatibility difficulties, always make sure the typeface you’re downloading is from a reliable source.
  • Check each font’s licencing conditions. Particularly if you want to use certain typefaces for commercial projects, you may be subject to use limitations.
  • When working on design projects, keep your font collection organised to make it simple to find and manage your typefaces.

How to Use New Fonts in Illustrator

Once the fonts have been properly installed, Adobe Illustrator makes it simple to access and utilise them. This is how:

Start Adobe Illustrator

  • On your PC, launch Adobe Illustrator.

Create or Open a Document:

  • To utilise the recently installed fonts, open an existing document or start a new one in Illustrator.

Drop-down menu for fonts:

  • Look for the drop-down menu for the font. At the top of the Illustrator interface, it may be found in either the Control panel or the Character panel.

Choose a Font:

  • To see more available fonts, use the font dropdown menu.
  • Search through the list to find the recently added fonts. They ought to be included with the standard fonts on the list.

Use this font:

  • Click on the name of the font in the font list after you’ve located it.
  • The chosen font will now be used to display the specified text in your Illustrator work.

The freshly installed fonts may be easily accessed and applied to your text components in Adobe Illustrator by following these instructions, giving you a greater selection of typography options to create aesthetically appealing and distinctive designs.

Pros and Cons of Adding Non-Standard Fonts:

In order to make judgements that are in line with your creative objectives, it is crucial to assess the benefits and drawbacks of using non-standard typefaces in your design projects. An summary of the benefits and drawbacks is provided below:

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1.     Pros:


Non-traditional typefaces may give your creations a feeling of individuality and ingenuity. They let you experiment with distinctive typographic designs that distinguish your work.

Uniqueness of Identity

Using unique or uncommon typefaces may help create a standout brand identity. It makes your designs stand out and leaves onlookers with a lasting impression.

Visual Effects

The aesthetic attractiveness of your design may be greatly improved by selecting the proper typeface. Fonts have the ability to express feelings, themes, and tones that improve the overall message you’re attempting to get over.

2.     Cons:


Compatibility is one of the key issues with utilising non-standard fonts. On some platforms, browsers, or operating systems, fonts may not display properly. For certain users, this may lead to a design that doesn’t look as intended.


Some unusual typefaces might be challenging to read, especially at smaller sizes, especially those with detailed or ornate motifs. The user experience and accessibility of your content may suffer as a result.


A crowded and visually overwhelming look can be achieved by using an excessive number of distinct typefaces in a single design. Font overuse can detract from the intended message and reduce design consistency.

File Size and Loading Speed:

Non-standard fonts might require additional web resources to load, potentially increasing the file size of your design. This can impact the loading speed of your website or application.

Licensing and Legal Considerations:

Some fonts have specific usage licenses or restrictions that need to be adhered to. Using fonts without the proper licensing can lead to legal issues.


Q1: In Illustrator, can I use any font?

A1: Yes, a variety of typefaces, both common and uncommon, are supported by Illustrator. This provides you the freedom to select the font that is ideal for your project.

Q2: Does my computer need to have fonts installed in order to utilise them in Illustrator?

A2: Yes, a font has to be installed on your computer before it can be used in Illustrator. Your computer’s fonts are accessed by Illustrator.

Q3: Can I use Illustrator to add Google Fonts?

A3: Google Fonts can definitely be used with Illustrator. Install the necessary Google Fonts on your PC after downloading them. Once installed, Illustrator gives you access to them.

Q4: What restrictions apply when adding typefaces to Illustrator?

A4: Although many font formats are compatible with Illustrator, it’s important to note that particularly uncommon or unusual fonts could not work as intended. Testing any unusual typefaces is a smart idea before committing to your design.

Q5: In Illustrator, are web fonts compatible?

A5: Web fonts can be used in Illustrator, yes. Web fonts need to be installed on your computer, just like regular fonts do. They may be used effortlessly in your Illustrator work after they are installed.


Your design projects could take on a new dimension if you use Adobe Illustrator to use unconventional typefaces. You may download, install, and access fonts within Illustrator with ease by following the instructions provided in this manual. Remember to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of utilising distinctive typefaces and select those that are most compatible with your design objectives and target market. Your creative options are virtually endless when you have access to a wide variety of font libraries.

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