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New England Font is a brush script typeface designed by Edric Studio in 2020 and published by Edric Studio. It is a modern and playful font, perfect for giving your projects a unique and personal touch. It has a natural and bold feel, with a large x-height and an exaggerated baseline. Its unique features include a high contrast, an extended character set, and an italicized version. Its modern, friendly look makes it a great choice for branding, packaging, and logotypes.

New England Font has become famous for its unique blend of brush script and modern typeface, perfect for giving your design projects a unique, personal touch. It is a popular choice for logos and other graphic designs, and is particularly popular in the US and UK.

 New England Font

Font Information

1. Serif Font: A typeface that has the small lines on the end of characters, such as those found in New England Font.

2. Typeface: A family of fonts that share the same design but differ in styles, such as regular, bold, or italic.

3. Font Family: A set of fonts that belong to the same typeface, such as the New England Font Family.

4. Character: Any of the individual symbols or alphanumeric elements that make up a typeface, such as letters, numbers, punctuation or accents.

5. Typography: The art and technique of arranging typefaces to create a text.

6. Kerning: The spacing between two adjacent characters in order to create a harmonious and balanced appearance.

7. Letter Spacing: Adjusting the gaps between each letter in order to get a custom look, distinct from the standard kerning.

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Use Cases of new england font

Text: Use the New England font to create bold headlines with an old-timey or rustic feel for a newspaper article or blog post.

Publication: Design a magazine or book cover with the New England font to capture the feeling of a classic New England atmosphere.

Website: Use the New England font to give a website a retro look, or to emphasize its New England origin.

Logos: Design a logo for a business in New England using the New England font to give it a unique, traditional look.

Designs: Utilize the New England font to create a graphic design that captures the spirit of New England.

T-shirts: Print t-shirts with the New England font for a classic New England look.


New England Font is a modern take on classic, serif typefaces. It has a slightly playful and whimsical feeling, while still maintaining a more traditional, classic look. Features include:

• Slender, tall serifs
• Soft, rounded curves
• Low contrast between strokes
• Small x-height
• High contrast between thick and thin strokes
• Wide letterforms
• Uppercase and lowercase characters
• Open counters
• Large ascenders and descenders
• Narrow apertures
• Features old style figures and ligatures
• A wide range of weights and styles

Character Map

 New England Font


New England is a contemporary sans serif font created by designer Dieter Hofrichter. It is a modern interpretation of classic sans serifs like Akzidenz-Grotesk, Univers, and Futura. It features a modern character set, with a slightly rounded shape and a subtle angularity. Compared to other sans serif fonts, New England stands out with its unique letterforms and overall design aesthetic. The font has a sleek, modern look that makes it a great choice for logos, titles, and headlines. It is also legible and versatile, making it suitable for both digital and print applications. Compared to other sans serifs, New England has a more contemporary feel and is a great choice for modern design projects.

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Alternative Fonts

1. Franklin Gothic
2. Baskerville
3. Bodoni
4. Didot
5. Futura

Tips & Tricks

1. Use New England Font to add a touch of classic Americana to your designs.

2. Pair New England Font with classic serifs or script fonts to create a unique and timeless look.

3. To create a more modern look, use New England Font in bold or italics to add emphasis.

4. Increase the size of New England Font to create dramatic headings and titles.

5. Use a complete New England Font family to ensure a consistent look throughout your design.

6. Create contrast by pairing New England Font with a bold sans serif font.

7. Use New England Font to add a nostalgic feel to your designs.

8. Create a classic look by pairing New England Font with a light script font.

9. To add a vintage feel to your designs, use New England Font in a distressed or worn-out style.

10. Increase the leading and tracking of New England

Supported Languages

 New England Font

English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish


Q1: What is the New England font?
A1: The New England font is a sans serif typeface developed by British type designer, Matthew Carter, in 1980. It is characterized by a modern, geometric look and is commonly used for headlines, titles, captions and other display purposes.

Q2: How many weights does the New England font have?
A2: The New England font has seven different weights – light, regular, medium, bold, black, ultra, and extra bold.

Q3: What is the purpose of the New England font?
A3: The New England font is designed to be used for large display purposes such as headlines and titles. It is often used to create an eye-catching and modern look.

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Q4: What languages is the New England font available in?
A4: The New England font is available in Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and extended Latin character sets.

Q5: What formats is the New England font available in?
A5: The New England font is available in OpenType, TrueType, and Web fonts.

Q6: How much does the New England font cost?
A6: The New England font is available for purchase from MyFonts for $49 USD for a single user license.

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