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Thunderstorm font is a decorative typeface designed by Svet Simov in 2008. It is a modern typeface with a bold, yet elegant look. It has a strong, geometric structure and is a great choice for headlines, titles, or logos. It has a unique and original look that stands out from other typefaces.

The font is available for both personal and commercial use and is released under the SIL Open Font License. Thunderstorm font is a popular choice among designers due to its unique style and versatility. It can be used to create both classic and modern designs, making it the perfect choice for any project. It is also popular because of its high readability, which makes it ideal for both print and digital media.

Thunderstorm Font Information

Thunderstorm Font

1. Serif Fonts: Serif fonts are fonts with tails or small strokes that extend from the edges or curves of letters. They are often associated with traditional fonts and are used for printing body text in magazines, newspapers, and books.

2. Sans Serif Fonts: Sans serif fonts are those without serifs. They are typically used for titles, headings, and slogans in advertisements, flyers, and websites. The most common sans serif fonts are Arial and Helvetica.

3. Typography: Typography is the art and technique of creating written form by using typefaces, symbols, and shapes. It has applications in newspapers, books, magazines, and websites.

4. Kerning: Kerning is an adjustment of the space between two characters of a font to improve their overall appearance. It can be used to make individual characters, or words and sentences, look more balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

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5. Leading: Leading is the line spacing or the space between the lines in a body of text. Increasing the leading makes the text easier to read and reduces the need for hyphenation of long words.

6. Tracking: Tracking is the overall spacing between each letter in a word. Increasing the tracking can reduce the density of the text, making it easier to read.

7. Font Family: A font family is a group of fonts that all share the same typeface. Font families typically include a range of weights and styles, such as bold, italic, and condensed.

Use Cases of thunderstorm font

Text: Thunderstorm font can be used in headlines and titles of various text-based publications such as newspapers, magazines, and books.

Publication: Thunderstorm font can be used to create a strong and bold statement for the cover page of a publication.

Website: Thunderstorm font can be used in section titles, headings, and call-to-action buttons on a website.

Logos: Thunderstorm font can be used to create logos and symbols that can be used in corporate branding.

Designs: Thunderstorm font can be used to create unique and creative designs for t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other merchandise.

T-shirts: Thunderstorm font can be used to create bold and attention-grabbing text on t-shirts.


• Thunderstorm font is a bold and powerful font with a unique and energetic look.

• It has a classic comic book style, with thick and dramatic lettering.

• The font has a strong presence, making it perfect for titles, headlines, and logos.

• The font has a distinct lightning bolt and thunder motif, making it perfect for storm-related projects.

• Thunderstorm font is easy to read, making it perfect for use in both digital and print media.

• The font is available in both regular and italic styles.

Character Map

Thunderstorm Font


The Thunderstorm font is a unique typeface that stands out from other fonts due to its unique characteristics. Unlike other fonts, Thunderstorm has a bold, hand-drawn look that is both modern and vintage. Its letterforms are dynamic and striking, with a strong presence. The font also has a wide range of weights, from thin to extra bold, which can be used to create a variety of design styles. Additionally, the font supports a wide range of languages and has a full set of OpenType features, making it a good choice for multilingual projects. Compared to other fonts, Thunderstorm stands out for its dramatic, hand-drawn letterforms and wide range of weights and OpenType features.

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Alternative Fonts

1. Tempest Font
2. Stormy Weather Font
3. Tornado Font
4. Cyclone Font
5. Hurricane Font

Tips & Tricks

1. Use Bold & Italic Fonts for Maximum Impact: The bold and italic font styles of Thunderstorm can be used to create strong typographic statements. This can help your text to stand out from the rest of your design and draw attention to the important elements of your message.

2. Add Color: Adding color to your text can add visual interest to your design. The various colors available with Thunderstorm can help to bring your message to life.

3. Utilize Different Font Sizes: Using different font sizes for different parts of your text can help to emphasize the importance of certain words and phrases.

4. Combine Thunderstorm with Other Fonts: Combining Thunderstorm with other fonts can help to create a unique and interesting design. This can help to make your design stand out from the crowd.

5. Add Images: Adding images to your text can help to emphasize the message. The images can be used to create a visual metaphor that helps to explain your message in a more interesting way.

Supported Languages

Thunderstorm Font

Thunderstorm font supports the following languages:



Q: What is the Thunderstorm Font?
A: Thunderstorm Font is a typeface designed by graphic designer Gert Wiescher in 2020. It is a bold, modern font with strong contrast and sharp edges.

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Q: What type of font is Thunderstorm Font?
A: Thunderstorm Font is a sans-serif font with a geometric appearance.

Q: How can I use Thunderstorm Font?
A: Thunderstorm Font can be used for a variety of purposes such as headlines, logos, branding, and web design.

Q: What is the license for Thunderstorm Font?
A: Thunderstorm Font is available under the SIL Open Font License.

Q: What type of character set does Thunderstorm Font include?
A: Thunderstorm Font includes a comprehensive Latin character set, as well as support for other languages including Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese.

Q: What file formats are available for Thunderstorm Font?
A: Thunderstorm Font is available in both OTF and TTF formats.

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