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Truck font is a typeface designed by Alvin Krupnick and published by Letterhead Fonts in 2020. It is a bold, vintage-inspired typeface with an industrial feel, making it perfect for modern and retro designs. The font is characterized by its tall, angular letterforms, making it an ideal choice for logos, headlines, and display use. It is especially popular for its unique letterforms which are reminiscent of vintage signage and truck lettering.

It is available in both regular and bold weights, with support for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters. The Truck font is a popular choice for its ability to create a strong, eye-catching statement in both digital and print designs, and is often seen in logos, branding, labels, posters, and more.
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Truck Font

Font Information

1. Serif Font: A type of font with stylized serifs, or small lines projecting off of their ends, found on classic print materials, such as books and newspapers.

2. Sans Serif Font: A type of font without those serifs, usually used in digital documents and on websites due to their easier readability on different screens.

3. Typeface: The general design or style of a set of typefaces, such as Times New Roman, Garamond, Arial, and so forth.

4. Font Family: A group of typefaces that share a common design or structure, often with different styles for different uses such as bold, italic, and condensed.

5. Font Weight: The thickness or darkness of a typeface, usually specified by a numerical value from 100 to 900, with the higher the value, the darker the font.

6. Kerning: The process of adjusting the space between pairs of letters to make the overall look of text more visually appealing and easier to read.

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7. Tracking: The process of slightly increasing or decreasing the overall space between groups of letters to make the text look more uniform and cohesive.

Use Cases of truck font

Text: Truck fonts are often used in text to create a bold and masculine effect. This could be used in a blog post about cars or in a magazine article about trucking.

Publication: Truck fonts can be used to create a strong, powerful look for a magazine or newspaper article about the trucking industry. It can also be used to create a headline for a feature article.

Website: Truck fonts can be used on a website to create a bold, masculine look. It can be used for headings, menus, and other important elements of the website.

Logos: Truck fonts are popular in logos due to their bold and masculine look. This could be used in a logo for a trucking company, a car dealership, or a car magazine.

Designs: Truck fonts are often used in designs related to cars and trucks. They can create a powerful look in illustrations, posters, and other graphic designs.

T-Shirts: Truck fonts are often used in t-shirt designs. This could be used to create a bold and masculine look for a t-shirt related to cars or trucks.


Truck font is a bold, all-caps typeface characterized by its strong, geometric shapes and boxy letterforms. It features a wide range of weights, from light to heavy, and is suitable for headlines, logos, and display type. The font is inspired by the look of vintage trucks and their bold, geometric designs. It has a very distinctive style that can be used to create a strong, eye-catching statement. Truck font is often used in posters, advertisements, and other marketing materials.

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Character Map

Truck Font


Truck font is a bold and modern display font with a rugged, industrial feel. It is a sans-serif font inspired by vintage truck lettering, and it has a strong, forceful presence. It is a great choice for logos, headlines, and titles. In comparison to other fonts, Truck font is much bolder, with sharper lines and a more distinct contrast between thick and thin strokes. It has a very masculine, industrial look that other fonts may not have. Additionally, its all-caps style makes it highly legible and easy to read.

Alternative Fonts

1. ChunkFive
2. Stencil
3. Impact
4. Airstream
5. Rockwell Extra Bold

Tips & Tricks

1. Try experimenting with different font sizes to create a bold, eye-catching look.

2. Consider pairing your truck font with a script font for a more unique and playful look.

3. Use a thicker font weight for a more masculine, rugged look.

4. Consider adding a drop shadow to your truck font to make it stand out more.

5. Use a bold truck font as a header or title on your design.

6. Use a truck font with a distressed or worn look to give your design an aged, vintage feel.

7. Play around with different combinations of upper and lowercase letters to create an interesting look.

8. Look for fonts with interesting details, such as small illustrations or patterns, to add interest to your design.

9. Use bold, chunky letters with exaggerated serifs to create a dramatic, attention-grabbing look.

10. Make sure to keep your truck font legible, even when used in smaller sizes.

Supported Languages

Truck Font

1. Arabic
2. Bengali
3. Chinese
4. Cyrillic
5. Devanagari
6. Greek
7. Gujarati
8. Gurmukhi
9. Hebrew
10. Japanese
11. Kannada
12. Khmer
13. Korean
14. Lao
15. Malayalam
16. Myanmar
17. Sinhala
18. Tamil
19. Telugu
20. Thai
21. Tibetan
22. Vietnamese

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1. What is truck font?
A: Truck font is a type of font that is used to create a distinct and bold look. It has a strong, bold style and is often used to create logos and other graphics.

2. What are the features of truck font?
A: Truck font is characterized by its strong, bold lines and thick lettering. It has a unique aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

3. What are some examples of truck font?
A: Examples of truck font include Impact, Arial Black, and Bebas Neue.

4. Where can I find truck font?
A: You can find truck font online in a variety of places, including Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, and FontSpace.

5. Is truck font free?
A: Yes, you can find truck font for free on many websites.

6. What kind of projects can I use truck font for?
A: Truck font can be used for logos, titles, labels, and other branding materials. It is also great for creating bold and eye-catching posters.

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