January Font is a modern sans serif font created by Swiss-type designer Hannes von Döhren in 2016. It belongs to the “geometric sans” family of typefaces and features a clean, minimalistic design. January is available in both regular and italic styles and contains multiple weights and widths.

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January Font is a modern sans serif font created by Swiss-type designer Hannes von Döhren in 2016. It belongs to the “geometric sans†family of typefaces and features a clean, minimalistic design. January is available in both regular and italic styles and contains multiple weights and widths.

The font is highly legible and well-suited for a variety of applications, including headlines, display, print, and web design. It is also popular for its geometric design and its contemporary look. January has become popular among designers for its versatility and ability to stand out in a variety of settings. Its modern and minimalistic design makes it a great choice for any project.
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January Font

Font Information

Font designer: Someone who designs fonts, typically as a profession or hobby. This might involve creating typefaces from scratch or adapting existing typefaces, with the goal of creating a visually appealing font that conveys a desired message or feeling.

Typeface: A typeface is a set of one or more fonts that share a common design structure — such as letter height, stroke width, and slant. A typeface includes both the design of the letters, as well as the functionality of the font that contains them.

Typography: The methodology and design of arranging and formatting text in order to convey a desired message or look. Typography involves using fonts in an appropriate manner for a given context and taking into account factors such as font size, color and overall style.

Glyph: A glyph is a single graphic shape used to represent a character in a font.

Font family: A group of related fonts of various styles and weights, typically meant to be used together. Examples of font families could include Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman.

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Type designer: A person who designs and creates typefaces, primarily as a profession. Also referred to as a font designer.

Font Variation: A variation of a font in terms of weight, width, and other characteristics that can help to enhance the design. For example, a font might have a bold variant, a condensed variant, and an italic variant.

Use Cases of January font

Text: January Font can be used to create bold, eye-catching headlines in magazines and books. It can also be used to create captivating and attention-grabbing titles in flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials.

Publication: January Font is perfect for creating unique and stylish titles and subtitles in books, magazines, and other publications. It can also be used to create beautiful and intriguing cover designs.

Website: January Font is a great choice for designing website headers and titles. It can also be used to create bold and expressive slogans and text for web pages.

Logos: January Font is an excellent choice for creating powerful and eye-catching logos. It can be used to create a unique and memorable logo that will stand out from the competition.

Designs: January Font can be used in a variety of graphic design applications including posters, flyers, and other printed materials. It can also be used to create unique and stylish designs for web pages and mobile apps.

T-shirts: January Font is a great choice for creating custom and exclusive t-shirts. It can be used to create bold and expressive titles and slogans for t-shirts that will be sure to turn heads.


January font is a rounded typeface that is characterized by its clean, modern lines and curved edges. The font has a contemporary, minimalistic look and feel that works well for both headlines and body text. It is a sans-serif font with a consistent width, making it legible and easy to read. January font has a unique, playful quality to it, making it great for creative projects or playful designs. It is available in a variety of weights, allowing for versatility.

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Character Map

January Font


January Font is a modern serif typeface that was designed to work well in a variety of contexts. It has a contemporary feel, but still maintains an old-fashioned aesthetic. Compared to other serif fonts, January Font has a more slender look and feel which makes it great for headlines, logos, and body copy. It also has a low stroke contrast, which gives it a softer, more subtle appearance. January Font is versatile and can be used for both print and digital projects. Additionally, it has a wide range of weights and styles, making it suitable for any type of project. In contrast, other serif fonts may be more suitable for specific design purposes, such as creating a classic or vintage feel.

Alternative Fonts

1. Alegreya Sans
2. Arvo
3. Cabin
4. Open Sans
5. Roboto

Tips & Tricks

1. To make January Font stand out, use a bold font weight.

2. Create a hierarchy within your text by using different font sizes and weights.

3. Consider using January Font for headlines and titles, as well as for body text.

4. Use January Font to create a modern, minimalistic look.

5. Pair January Font with other sans-serif fonts for a more balanced look.

6. Use January Font with a script font for a more playful look.

7. To create contrast, pair January Font with a serif font.

8. Use January Font in combination with thin lines and geometric shapes to create a modern look.

9. To give your design a retro look, pair January Font with a script font.

10. Use italics to add emphasis to specific words and phrases.

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Supported Languages

January Font

January supports Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic languages.


Q1. What is January Font?
A1. January Font is a font family created by the Indian Type Foundry. It is a contemporary sans-serif typeface with a humanist touch.

Q2. What style is January Font?
A2. January Font is a humanist sans-serif typeface.

Q3. Is January Font a free font?
A3. No, January Font is not a free font. It must be purchased from the Indian Type Foundry.

Q4. What languages does January Font support?
A4. January Font supports all Latin languages, as well as Gujarati and Devanagari scripts.

Q5. What are the weights of January Font?
A5. January Font has 6 weights, from Thin to Black.

Q6. Does January Font have italics and small caps?
A6. Yes, January Font has an italic and small caps version.

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